The art of seduction


It was the start of spring, with nights warming up and layers of clothing being removed from bodies. The sun dancing on the skin sends a sensation through the skin that resembles the touch of another. Scott walks home from work, feeling run down and lost in thoughts. An erotic fantasy with a redhead was on his mind, with the reds and oranges of the sunset reminding him of a past encounter with someone long forgotten.


Scott buys a beer and goes to sit and relax outside in a park. There’s not much reason for him to go home except sleep. As he sips his beer, a redhead walks past with a dog. Scott was a little bit turned on from thinking of the past encounter and was thinking of that as he drunk. The dog walks up to him, licking his face and pulling the owner over to him. A conversation strikes up as the woman feels something about Scott she can’t describe. The dog has run off as the woman has let go of the leash. Scott learned her name was Lauren, and she had come to the park because there’s not much to do at home except sit and sleep.


A hot story with happy ending


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So it was a really hot evening, and I have decided to take a break from the computer and finally hit the bar. Yeah, that’s not something I do very often, but I was in a need to see other people, and not just silly mobs from all kind of games I was playing. So I went to the Rickies grill and was sitting there, sipping the beer. I knew something magical gonna happen tonight, and gosh how right I was! After a beer or two, I’ve noticed one super sexy Japanese chick staring at me. She was always looking at me no matter when I was checking her out. Her big boobs was almost falling from her bra, so I knew she is ready for sex. After 2 hours of staring to each other (eyes, not the boobs), she finally stand up, come to me, and asked “Listen, dude, you either bring me back home and fuck like a whore, or I’ll choose another guy, who’s not a pussy like you”. Well, I didn’t have any choice, did I? I brought her home, and I fucked her directly into her Japanese pussy. Just after I did that, I woke up.. What I found next to me didn’t surprise me. It appears that I’ve never left the home in the first place, and fucked the sex toy doll that amazon shipped me few years ago. Yikes, I should clean that thing one day.

A dream that I wish to dream again..

mei6 mei1




Ever had those moments when you wake up in the morning and you all you can say is “damn it seemed too real”. Today I had one of those moments. It was a Friday evening just after a long day at work, am on my way heading home then I decided to check out that new club around the corner. Everyone says it has these incredibly beautiful women really sexy you’d loose your breath just by the sight of one. So I walked in hoping to maybe catch a drink with one of them but what I got was way much better than anything in my wildest dreams.


The one that never went away.

hitomi6 hitomi1 hitomi2

Hitomi Tanaka seemed like your ordinary everyday simple girl that would surely still pass for a virgin even though she was in her late twenties. She was beautiful but really shy; she would even walk away if any guy approached her. But beneath all this, there was a woman inside screaming to get out. She knew that, she was very much aware of that fact and she was trying all her best to let that woman out and maybe she could learn to give another guy a chance. It had been almost three years since she had been heart broken and she saw no need of letting any other man into her life let alone inside of her.


The Paris Night

azumi6 azumi1 azumi2

Azumi Harusaki had just landed in Paris for the first time in her life. She had always heard about how beautiful the place was but she just felt like that was an understatement. The place was absolutely incredible. She had always travelled all over the world but nothing came close to this. On the plane, she had gotten in touch with her best friend who had told her that Paris also has the most handsome men on earth. She was still to prove this. How long had she been single now? A year or two. She couldn’t really remember that well. Her work took her from city to city, so getting down for a relationship was something that was impossible for now.


Pleasure Driven Reunion

ameri4 ameri5

No matter how hard I tried not to think of our little girl-sex escapades with Lisa before she moved to Canada for her Masters Degree, I just could not. How could I forget the way her nipples hardened every time I rolled my tongue over them? Or how her breath turned in to shallow gasps every time I rubbed her swollen clit yearning for my touch? Or how I woke up to her fingers in my wet pussy every morning?


Miki Sato goes shopping

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One fine day, Miki sato, a girl from a small part of Tokyo decided to go shopping. She is a girl who likes to work a lot but quite recently she has been feeling tired, Tired of her work, her routine, her life, she needs a change in her routine she feels like she needs to get a hold of her life and so today she has decided to go into this shop in her town which is popular for stocking dildos of every colour, shape and size. So she finally reaches the store called playing it kinky and as she enters, the door bell rings, notifying the cute sales man on the counter. He quickly steps forward, “How may I help you?” he asks. She instantly blushes and looks down at the floor, as she has never in her life done such a thing, let alone tell a man about what she is there to buy. “Oh, I am just looking” She says and walks to the far end of the store and is instantly a little bit scared looking at all the things in front of her. There are whips and hand cuffs with pink fur and mouth gags and such things she doesn’t even know what they are called. She turns back around and walks over to the counter. “Actually, I am actually looking for something to use by my- myself.” She stumbles while she says it to the handsome man, wondering to herself how old he must be.”I know exactly what you’re looking for, follow me.” He says and leads her to the section where a hundred different kinds of vibrators are kept, all in different shapes and colours. The moment she sees that she has so much to choose from, she gets slightly flustered as she has no clue where to start looking, but fortunately the man picks up this purple vibrator in the shape of a bullet and takes it off the shelf and connects a remote to it and hands it to her.”There you go, I am pretty sure you will like it. You can try it on but keep your panties on. After you are done, come find me.” He says and starts to walk away, she stops him. “I don’t know how to use it .”